Hello Brock Graduates,

Hello Brock Graduates,

Hello Brock Graduates,

Currently, there are two companies photographing Brock graduates, Studio Nostalgia and us. We will do our best to provide answers here in real-time as the year progresses. To stay up to date on the latest details, please continue to visit this page, which can be reached through brockgrads.ca or pixown.school/brock.

Burlington Campus:
We are the designated photographers for Brock University's Burlington campus. It was a pleasure capturing each of your moments on campus this past January. For those who missed our sessions, we invite you to visit our studio in Ancaster where we will be pleased to assist you with all your photography needs. To schedule an appointment, kindly reach out to us at info@pixown.com. For the latest news about grad photography at your campus please see your support page, Burlington Campus Brock University.

St Catharine's Campus:
In December, your student union (BUSU) made the unexpected decision to allow a different company (Studio Nostalgia) to photograph on campus. This mid-year decision surprised us; especially considering our 25-year history of providing excellent service to the Brock community and having recently received BUSU's endorsement of our work. BUSU has opted for a more costly approach on campus, causing many of you to unnecessarily spend $100's more.

In light of this, we are still happy and prepared to provide photography services to St Catharine's graduates who visit our studio in Ancaster. For 25 years, we have had the privilege of capturing the joyous moments of thousands of Brock University graduates as they commemorate their distinguished achievements. We have already photographed 100's this year, we hope to have the opportunity to capture your moment as well.

To the St Catharine's campus graduates: Without notifying us BUSU had sent an email to all graduates announcing that March 30th was the deadline to submit images for the composite. Also, BUSU had asked graduates to acquire their own images from us to then give to Studio Nostalgia to be included in your composite. Asking each graduate to handle their own image submissions is unprecedented, never done in our industry, not needed. We then learned that Studio Nostalgia had quoted end of February as the deadline to submit images.

These deadlines are contradictory and they do not make sense considering many are photographed after these dates. We have been asking BUSU for weeks to clarify these inconsistencies, they refuse to. As of now St Catharine's campus graduates photographed by us will not be in a composite. Our sincere apologies, it is not under our control.

Graduates photographed by us from the Burlington campus WILL be on a composite as we make your Burlington campus Education composite. Your deadline to be photographed and included in your composite is the end of June.

The new company at the St Catharine's campus has a $35 sitting fee. We have two sitting fee options.
  1. $15, gives you access to order in our Bronze tier.*
  2. $35 PodiumPass, gives you access to order in our Silver tier.**
With the significant financial impact university has on students, we seek to offer you the highest caliber of graduation photos for the fairest price. Below are some examples of pricing students at the St. Catharine’s campus will be charged versus graduates from the Burlington campus. If you bought...

St Catharine’s $63, at Pixown $12

St Catharine’s $125, at Pixown $25

2-8x10's, 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $173, at Pixown $36

2-8x10's, 2-5x7's, 4-4x5's
St Catharine’s $252, at Pixown $48

2-8x10’s, 4-5x7’s, 4-4x5’s & 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $362, at Pixown $72

4-8x10’s, 2-5x7’s
St Catharine’s $315, at Pixown $60

1-11x14, 1-8x10, 16-Wallets
St Catharine’s $282, at Pixown $61

6-5x7’s, 8-4x5’s & 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $362, at Pixown $72

4-8x10’s, 4-5x7’s, 8-4x5’s
St Catharine’s $539, at Pixown $131

1-16x20, 2-8x10’s, 4-5x7’s & 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $499, at Pixown $130

1000's of examples would show the same, obvious discrepancies exist between what St Catharine's graduates pay vs their Burlington classmates.

At Pixown, we are dedicated to removing common industry price gouging and ensuring that you are charged a fair and affordable rate to capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment. For more side-by-side price comparisons, please visit our home page.  The new photography company partnered with the St. Catharine’s campus is represented as “Studio C” in these comparisons.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@pixown.comThank you and we look forward to meeting you!

* The option to upgrade from Bronze to our Silver or Gold tiers after viewing your images is still available, PixKey fee's will apply.

**The option to upgrade from Silver to our Gold tier after viewing your images is still available, PixKey fee will apply.

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