Why Access Fees?

Why Access Fees?

Our competition TELLS YOU the print sizes and quantities you will buy in their packages. They limit the number of poses you can use in a package. And buying digital files often comes with conditions.

At Pixown you decide what YOU want. Order from as many poses as you like. And there are no complications in buying digital files. Lastly, you save as you order more. All possible having three price levels and Access fee's.

There is no access fee to order from Bronze, everyone starts in Bronze. Upgrading to Silver or Gold is optional. 

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      If you had graduation photos taken, it would be considered one event, whereas being photographed at a school dance would be considered a separate event. Upgrading to Silver or Gold for graduation photos does not automatically grant the same upgrade ...
    • Access Code

      Upon being photographed, we will request your email address. This email will be used to send you an access code for the Bronze price list. All clients initially receive access to the Bronze price list, where your proofs will be available. If you ...
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    • Payments

      We accept all major cards from customers in every country. Silver and Gold access fees and all orders are securely processed by Stripe.