Why Bronze, Silver & Gold?

Why Bronze, Silver & Gold?

We have Bronze, Silver & Gold so our customers can create custom orders and potentially save $100's.

To illustrate why we have the best approach in our industry it is necessary for us to delve into the selling techniques of other companies.

Other companies TELL their customers the print sizes they will receive in their predetermined packages. Getting what is wanted is extra and costs much more. Their packages also limit the number of images a customer can order from. Ordering from more images means ordering more prints, more expense. Lastly, their packages often do not include digital files. Packages are designed to trigger customers into spending more.

We do not have predetermined packages. In a tier of your choosing you can order what you want from as many poses as you like. We have lower prices in Silver & Gold because we believe when you order more you should pay less. Even after paying a PodiumPass or Access Fee your savings could be in the $100's when compared to our competition.

Other companies have a dozen or so packages. Our way allows for an infinite number of custom orders for less.

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