Something Is Wrong With My Order

Something Is Wrong With My Order

Please check your receipt via your email, and confirm the package content you have against your received order. Double-check your order envelope to ensure the prints are not stuck together. If you feel there is a product missing, we do apologize for the error. Our team will promptly address the issue, ensuring the accurate package is reprinted and delivered to your residence.

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    • How Do I Order?

      Within 2 weeks after being photographed we will email you your access code to view your proofs in the Bronze price list. Everyone starts in the Bronze price list, you are welcome to order in Bronze. But, to optimize savings, engage in discussions ...
    • How Often Can I Order?

      Feel free to place multiple orders as needed. If you might place multiple orders it may be to your advantage to upgrade to Silver or Gold now. Doing so will save you money over your multiple orders. Maintain communication with individuals who may ...
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      1-2 weeks after you are photographed your proofs will be online for ordering. How you make appointments can be seen in your school's information page. You can find your school by searching above. Once you place your order the duration required before ...
    • How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

      Upon placing your order, please anticipate a delivery time of 3-4 weeks. We utilize Canada Post for the shipment of your order. In order to prevent potential delays and inconvenience to our customers, we do not provide a tracking number, as this ...
    • Can I Get Help Placing My Order?

      We are here to help. If you have questions about our ordering platform or have special requests please click the button below to submit your inquiry.