All retouching services are the same prices in Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  1. Basic $15, remove acne
  2. Fly Away Hair $15, remove flyaway hairs
  3. Glass Glare $15, remove glare
  4. Teeth Whitening $5, remove yellow on teeth
If you have a specific retouching request please submit a ticket below. All requests must be received and approved by Pixown before placing your order.

Why do we charge for retouching when some companies include it when ordering...
Retouching should be a request not forced. Many customers prefer to not have their images manipulated. Also, there have been many instances in our industry where customers gather to voice their disapproval of companies that retouch on the assumption it is wanted. Lastly, our pricing for products is fairly priced and significantly lower than many companies in our industry. To also absorb the retouching costs is not possible.

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    • Do Orders Include Tax?

      No. Tax will be automatically added to purchases including the upgrade fees for Silver or the Gold price list.
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    • Payments

      We accept all major cards from customers in every country. Silver and Gold access fees and all orders are securely processed by Stripe.