PodiumPass vs PixKey

PodiumPass vs PixKey

We have two ways you can upgrade to Silver or Gold, PodiumPass or PixKey. Each unlock pricing in Silver or Gold for you to order from. Services needed by your school and their commission structure dictate whether or not PodiumPass is available and at what price. Your school article in our PixHome helper will inform you of PodiumPass availability or not.


  1. A PodiumPass replaces a PixKey, the cost varies from school to school. Please search for your school details in our PixHome helper to see if your school offers PodiumPass and at what cost.
  2. Payment for PodiumPass can be made when making your appointment or when arriving to be photographed.
  3. PodiumPass IS NOT available for purchase AFTER being photographed or if having a retake.


  1. After viewing your images you can upgrade to Silver or Gold. A personal link to pay for the $85 Silver or $150 Gold PixKey will be emailed
  2. Once payment is received please give us 24 hours to send you a new code to order from Silver or Gold

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