Interested in Using Pixown?

Interested in Using Pixown?

The school photography market has experienced minimal changes over the past century, we aim to revolutionize it with our unique and groundbreaking ideas. 

For Schools

We provide a platform for schools to select their preferred photographers. With Pixown, it is possible for multiple studios to serve your school's graduation photography needs, ensuring a professional and tailored experience.

Additionally, Pixown offers a unique feature by providing each school with their own dedicated storefront. This allows schools to collaborate with their photographers in offering products and services, creating an unprecedented level of partnership in the school photography industry.

For Graduates

For graduates, our objective is to offer a seamless and efficient process that enables customers to customize their own packages while providing optimal pricing based on their requirements. We have achieved this through our innovative three-tiered pricing structure: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. To our knowledge, such pricing list options are unprecedented in the industry.

Traditional photography companies provide one price list. They offer deals by forcing you to buy packages in print sizes & quantities that THEY want you to buy. They also make buying digital images difficult.

Customers should control what they buy while saving money when spending more. Our innovative approach prioritizes customer choice and convenience over traditional one price list package-based price lists. We make it simple, pick your price list & build your own package. Even after the upgrade fee into Silver or Gold you will have the best value in the grad photography industry.

Work With Us

We are continuously seeking partnerships with schools and photographers who share our vision for transforming the industry. With over a century of outdated practices, it is time for a change. Join us in redefining school photography and providing exceptional value to customers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by submitting a ticket below. Our team of professionals is eager to assist you in your pursuit of exceptional school photography experiences.
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    • Payments

      We accept all major cards from customers in every country. Silver and Gold access fees and all orders are securely processed by Stripe.
    • Terms & Conditions

      Pixown is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of our customers on our Website. Our pledge is to safeguard any personal information that customers provide to us or that we obtain when providing our services, and to make every reasonable effort ...
    • Should I Share My Access Code?

      You can share your access codes with family and friends. We advice that you maintain communication with individuals who may be interested in your photographs. Pay attention to their preferences, as this will assist you in determining the most ...
    • Digital Downloads

      It's easy to think that "if I'm not getting prints, then digital will be cheaper". Just remember...the image professionals training, equipment, expertise, creative style, planning of the shoot and management of the raw files afterwards are all skills ...
    • How Do I Order?

      Within 2 weeks after being photographed we will email you your access code to view your proofs in the Bronze price list. Everyone starts in the Bronze price list, you are welcome to order in Bronze. But, to optimize savings, engage in discussions ...