Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

It's easy to think that "if I'm not getting prints, then digital will be cheaper". Just remember...the image professionals training, equipment, expertise, creative style, planning of the shoot and management of the raw files afterwards are all skills that lend to the cost of their services. Those costs don't go away just because there's a change in deliverable, the cost of print vs digital is negligible. 

Digital photos are not eligible for a refund. They are final sale, as they contain full copyright release. It should be noted that the file size is not an indicator of the image quality or its resolution.

If you have purchased a digital download without retouching, you will receive an email containing the download link on the same day. However, if you have ordered retouching for the pose, please allow up to one week to receive the download email.

Pixown partners with various ordering platforms. Your school and Pixown decide which platform is the best fit for your schools needs. If you have not received your digital download it is typically due to a firewall blocking specific types of emails, emails being marked as spam. Please check you junk folder.

Another possibility is you may be looking in the wrong inbox. Please confirm the email address you had given us when ordering is the email you are looking to receive our email to download your ordered images.
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