How It Works

How It Works

To see details about your school please use our PixHome helper bottom right. Please enter your school name or your schools' access code.


  1. To make an appointment for our session at your school or our studio please search for your school in our PixHome helper.
  2. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment please go to the email we sent you confirming your appointment. There you will see a link to reschedule or cancel.

How To Prepare

  • We recommend wearing a white collared shirt, with a tie if you like.
  • Practice your smile and posture in front of a mirror before photo day. It takes you and the photographer to capture your best expression.
  • If you need a haircut before photo day, aim to have it done a week ahead of time.
  • Use your regular makeup. Touch up all blemishes. Do your nails the day before. You do not need to have a heavy application of makeup for professional photography. Look natural and your photos will reflect that.
  • We cannot retouch a five o'clock shadow. We recommend you shave a few hours prior to your session.
  • All glasses glare in varying degrees. Photographers are trained to reduce glare on the lens. Feel free to wear them for your photos. Or, you are welcome to remove your lens when arriving for your session, doing so will guarantee no glare. Please bring your own tools if you plan to remove lens.

About Ordering

Our approach to ordering is direct and honest. We do not hide our pricing tiers, what they include, and their value. We are unique in our industry because we are transparent and we are able to provide savings while you create your custom order.
  • A few days after you are photographed we will email you instructions and a code to view your images. If you have misplaced your code please email us at
  • You are welcome to order in Bronze or upgrade to Silver or Gold to save. There are two ways to upgrade...


  1. A PodiumPass replaces a PixKey, the cost varies from school to school. Please search for your school details in our PixHome helper to see if your school offers PodiumPass and at what cost.
  2. Payment for PodiumPass can be made when making your appointment or when arriving to be photographed.
  3. PodiumPass IS NOT available for purchase AFTER being photographed or if having a retake.


  1. After viewing your images you can upgrade to Silver or Gold. A personal link to pay for the $85 Silver or $150 Gold PixKey will be emailed
  2. Once payment is received please give us 24 hours to send you a new code to order from Silver or Gold

Terms & Conditions

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