Do You Sell Packages?

Do You Sell Packages?

No. Why?

Predefined packages offering discounted prices have long been a tactic in the photography industry. These packages often include print sizes and quantities that do not align with customers' preferences. For instance, customers may not desire 24 wallet photos or 16 4x5 prints, or they may prefer a package consisting solely of 8x10s.

These packages give an impression of value, providing more items for your money. However, they often result in customers receiving prints they do not need and not enough of what they truly want. Forcing customers to spend more to get exactly what is wanted.

There are 1000's of package configurations, yet it is rare for companies to offer more than a dozen. Worse, they limit the number of poses you can use in a package. Predefined packages fail to deliver. Our solution to this issue is our innovative three-tiered pricing system. Limitless package options and better pricing.
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