Burlington Campus Brock University

Burlington Campus Brock University

Hello BSC Graduates,

It was a pleasure capturing each of your moments on campus this past January. For those who missed our sessions, we invite you to visit our studio in Ancaster where we will be pleased to assist you with all your photography needs. To schedule an appointment, kindly reach out to us at info@pixown.comYour $35 fee to be photographed is a PodiumPass, allowing you access to our Silver tier pricing.* 

With the significant financial impact university has on students, we seek to offer you the highest caliber of graduation photos for the fairest price. Currently, there are two companies photographing Brock graduates. Below are some examples of pricing students at the St. Catharine’s campus will be charged versus graduates at the Burlington campus. If you bought...

St Catharine’s $63, at Pixown $12

St Catharine’s $125, at Pixown $25

2-8x10's, 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $173, at Pixown $36

2-8x10's, 2-5x7's, 4-4x5's
St Catharine’s $252, at Pixown $48

2-8x10’s, 4-5x7’s, 4-4x5’s & 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $362, at Pixown $72

4-8x10’s, 2-5x7’s
St Catharine’s $315, at Pixown $60

1-11x14, 1-8x10, 16-Wallets
St Catharine’s $282, at Pixown $61

6-5x7’s, 8-4x5’s & 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $362, at Pixown $72

4-8x10’s, 4-5x7’s, 8-4x5’s
St Catharine’s $539, at Pixown $131

1-16x20, 2-8x10’s, 4-5x7’s & 8-Wallets
St Catharine’s $499, at Pixown $130

The examples above are just a few of the many that exhibit these discrepancies. At Pixown, we are dedicated to removing common industry price gouging and ensuring that you are charged a fair and affordable rate to capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment. For more side-by-side price comparisons, please visit our homepage www.pixown.comThe new photography company partnered with the St. Catharine’s campus is represented as “Studio C” in these comparisons.

Do you know someone else who is graduating from Brock University? We have photographed 1000’s of St Catharine’s graduates over the last 25 years and our doors are always open for many more. We encourage you to spread the word among your peers about the significant savings provided by us. They can contact us in various ways, by email info@pixown.com, www.brockgrads.ca or pixown.school/brock. We thank you.

*The option to upgrade from Silver to our Gold tier after viewing your images is still available, PixKey fee will apply.

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